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My Modular Synth




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Calibrator :

It's a simple but voltage regulated and temperature compensated 1V step to 8 Volts for calibration or offset needs.

I add a revision 2 with a negative output.


  • Schematic :                                                                
  • Pcb :                                                                         
  • Layout :                                                                    
  • BOM :                                                     

Adjustment :

take a DVM (voltmeter) with 3 or 4 digits, measure the voltage in mark 10V and adjust the trimmer RV101 to get 10V precisely.

Put the DVM in the output, put the switch on 0 position and ajust the trimmer RV104 to get 0V offset at the output.

Then move the switch from step to step and adjust each trimmer to get the exact value of 1V, 2V, .....

Ajust RV111 to get 0 volt on the second output..

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