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Octaves Switch

MOVING TO V3 for double side pcb

Octaves Switch :

It's a replacement of the potentiometer "COARSE" on VCO or VCF... by an octave switch.

You will find 7 positions to allow a range from -3V to + 3V or  0V à +6V or....

The Challenge was to make the smallest pcb as possible with no SMD components.

From  "ELBY DESIGNS" Octave Switcher

           Oct switch V3.jpg

                                        V2                    V3

  • Schematic :                            
  • Pcb :                       
  • Layout :                                                   
  • BOM :                      
  • Picture :                                               

Ajustment :

Remove the jumper;

Switch on the maximum position and with a DVM adjust RV2 to get 6V on the output;

Put on the jumper and adjust RV1 to get the desired range between the 2 ends of the switch. (-6V 0V, -3V +3V, 0V +6V...);

It may be possible you have to re-adjust the setting following the VCO power supply. 

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