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My Modular Synth




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This is a Core triangle VCO with a classical OTA controlled by an exponential pair of matched PNP transistor. A particular SAW is built from the triangle, this saw can be modulated from saw to double frequency saw to opposite phase Saw. Have a look to the video.

He has the classical trimmer for V/oct; frequency, HF trimmer plus one to set the SAW.

This VCO has is own power supply to get a very accurate tracking and frequency range.

Drawing :             Knob1.gif     

Pcb :                    Knob1.gif Bottom           Knob1.gif Front

Board :                Knob1.gif                         

BOM :                  Knob1.gif

In the Downloading area you will find a Video about the SAW.

From now professional double side pcb are available for 15€ in Europe.

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