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This circuit has 4 inputs So we are defining 4 current "Windows" which supply 4 OTAs.. These Windows are realised by differences in voltage thru diodes. To better understand how this works please read the article from : . I have reduced to 4 inputs  because I wouln't get too much components but if you want you can make an 8 inputs.I added 4 Leds to get an image of the windows. After a long tuning I can deliver the drawing, pcb .....Be careful if you want to use +-12V power supply, this will ask you to re calculate some resistors values.

My advice for RV103 is to adjust 270mV at the ends of R113 or R121.but it's according to your taste. To adjust RV104 put all pot to 0 and mesure the output voltage near 0mV.

Drawing :         Knob1.gif

Pcb :               Knob1.gif

Board :           Knob1.gif                  Board picture :   Knob1.gif          

BOM :             Knob1.gif

You can find in download section 2 videos (in french). One with 4 waveshapes from one VCO, one with 4 SEM filter outputs.

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