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Little Seq

This sequencer is based on one 4516 counter follow by two 4028 decoders plus two  4051 for analog path. I have done a split between analog and digital part which gives 2 boards. This make it easy to make. It stays a lot of wiring for the front panel.


Mode 1*16

Start stop, reset on each step, skip, up or up and down. This works with the switch on ABAB position. The output  CV and  GATE is on B side. Ttransposition is possible using B transposition.

Mode 2*8

The A and B channel are synchronous, reset on each step , skip is working if switches are  on both channel simultaneously,up or up and down.

 With that mode we can play only channel A, only channel B, both or ABAB.

For both modes  CV can be 1 up to 5 octaves, gates could be short long, or trigger The internal clock works at  0,2Hz to 40 Hz, an external clock can be connected and if both are used some interesting  rythms could appear.There still a shift button and an  "hold" which has no real use.

An end of cycle pulse is usable to trig any event.. The clock can be used to synchronize another sequencer..

Here are the elements to realize it :

Documents Little Seq
Drawings Pcb Layout Wiring BOM
Analog Knob1.gif Knob1.gif  Knob1.gif Knob1.gif
Digital Knob1.gif Knob1.gif Knob1.gif Knob1.gif Knob1.gif
Together Knob1.gif Knob1.gif

Here is an example of front panel One transposition output is missing.

Fav Little Seq01.jpg

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