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Quad Quantizer

This quantizer design use a DAC with a ripple counter instead of a synchonous counter followed by R2R network to create a 128 steps sawtooth. To satisfy some remarks  I have added a latch for the sample and hold pulse. In fact you will find 2 designs, one with latch and one without. The range available is 10 Volts and can be used with +or- 5V. 

The design has been inspired by Scottt Stite and Matthias Hermann.

You can make 1 to 4 voices as you like with independant circuit. If BOM is not correct please follow the drawing!wink

No latch With
Drawing Knob1.gif Knob1.gif
pcb Knob1.gif Knob1.gif
Layout Knob1.gif Knob1.gif



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