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My Modular Synth




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So a classical LFO from a classical drawing with a loop between an integrator and Schimdt trigger with an additionnal voltage control from the FORMANT.

With the condensers choosen the frequency in High position goes from .03Hz to 40 Hz and in Low position the period is between 200 mS and more than 30S.

You can change the condos as you like

Don't forget to adjust the trimmer RV101 (RV201) to get in High position and frequency pot at CCW, an acceptable triangle at the lowest frequency. then adjust RV104 (RV204 to get a good follow up of the triangle with the LED.

The pcb has been designed to make 2 LFOs but with a right cut you can make only one.

Good waves.

Drawing :                Knob1.gif

PCB :                      Knob1.gif

Layout :                   Knob1.gif

BOM :                      Knob1.gif

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