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This module enhances your sound with incredible rounded basses. From a classical Square divided by 2 you can get square up to a division by 16, so -4 octaves below your input. The true interest is to get TRIANGLE and SINE for the first two octaves. All signals are available and according your choice can be mixed or not.

It needs as input a SAW  either climbing or decreasing . This has to be selected with an internal jumper. From this SAW at F frequency, with use of analog switch, we get a TRIANGLE at F/2 then F/4 and a SINE to follow. Square are available by multiple divison by 2.

There is one trimmer to correct the Final Sine. Choose a 500Hz ( not critical) and verify on a scope the Sub2-Sine. if you have a cross over around the 0V trim to reduce it and gat a fianl nice Sine.

When the input frequancy is above 2to 3 Khz the signal look like very bad. but they keep the ratio F/2or F/4 .

Rev C : Input inprovment with additional hyteresis Add R113 change R112 to 10K and input correction for U101C

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