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960 Clone

The MOOG Sequencer is founded on an 9 stages shift register instead of a counter. This gives more flexibility.

Its heart is a classical VCO. This one has been calibrated to be a VCLFO at the 1V/octave standard. He could probably goes higher than 1Khz. I make it on one board with the control commands to be used separetly if needed. A small area can be used to make a waveshaper... This board has also the CV output, the Shift command and the Power On.

Another board take in charge the input set with Button and jack and also the output gate. The third one is for the 24 potentiometers and Leds. And finally the last one is the Shift register itself.

This one is a double side pcb using the same technic as the 962 Module.

You will find  all the elements needed for realisation.

Drawing PCBs Layout Wiring BOM
Shift register ,
All together

Good luck for this fabulous project and I will post you another add-on a GateBus.

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