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962 Clone

This module is a clone of the "Sequential Switch" 962 of Mr MOOG. As you know it use a shift register built with D flip flop. Once the 1st bit is in, the input Shift push it to the next flip flop and so on.When there is a connection into IN3, the shift register has 3 steps if not only 2. This module is an add on module to the famous MOOG 960 sequencer and allows this one to become a 16 or 24 notes sequencer.

This one is made with a double side pcb but don't need metallized holes. This allows hobbyist to make it. When you get the pcb, take your resistor tail in your dustbin, these will make the link between the upper and the bottom copper side where there are vias . This is the way how metallized the holes then solder both sides. Don't forget to solder pin components on both side where they are used for a via. There are about 50 vias on this board.

This module will give you an idea of the next ! cheeky.

Schematic :

Pcb :       

Layout :        


Wiring :  

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