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You will find here some of my pcb realized by pcb companies : FR4, double side with serigraphy.

If you are interested by some circuits which are not there I can make it but the delay will be at least 4 weeks the time for me to reroute the pcb and launch the manufacturing.

Sequencer 960 is excluded.

If stock available the delay will be 1 week for EU and more for US.

Please contact me by mail on site. Payment will be by Paypal, when shipping cost will be known.


Dimensions (mm) Photo Price (€) Stock
VCO-Extra 111,6*69 VCO extra pcb.jpg  12 3
VCO-Extra Companion 111,6*69 VCO Extra companion pcb.jpg  12 2
Filtre SEM 92,5*60  SEM Filter pcb.jpg 10 7
Octave Switch 46,3*30,5  Oct switch pcb.jpg 8 7

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